What Is Mensa IQ ?

Mensa has been derived from the Latin word “Table”. Mensa is, however, one of the best IQ society and is a proper platform to meet intellectuals and like-minded people. IQ is rather a subject that is quite popular among the members of the Mensa society. If you are looking on what iq for mensa then the members should have an IQ of 98 % or even higher.

The objective of Mensa is to recruit member having the best IQ from all around the globe. The non -profit organization is more than 70 years old. However, the legal status of Mensa is limited to non-profit organizations. According to the official website, the constitution of Mensa can is basically listed three core purpose, and they are, to Identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity; to encourage research into nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence; and to providing a stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members

Why is Mensa IQ famous for?

The term IQ was coined by psychologist William Stern. It became an important factor on defining intelligence and overall mental age. For example, if an individual is of 10 years and has mental age of 10 years. Then the IQ of that individual will be 100. Individuals with higher IQ levels are more likely to be accepted as a member of Mensa International.

How to improve IQ?

If you want to be accepted as a member of Mensa International society then you need to have a great level of IQ and we will help you improve your IQ levels.

  • Work Out

It has been found in recent studies that regular exercise can improve your IQ levels. However, you need to focus on HIIT and cardiovascular exercises as it releases the level of endorphins into your brain.

  • Learn an Instrument

By learning a new instrument can stimulate your brain activity as it researches show that it is similar to a full-body workout. Playing an instrument can fire up your brain’s activity and improve your reasoning skills .

  • Study For Knowledge

Don’t just read a book  but study a  book. It is important to study a book as it helps to improve your knowledge as it is important to stay teachable in order to put on new information.


Mensa IQ is measured among the greats and what iq for mensa and if you want to be a part of the elites then you can need to follow the above steps.

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