What Is Self Awareness?

If you are looking for on how to build awareness of self definition, then you have landed on the right page. According to greats, self-awareness is a very fluid topic and endless theories are deduced every year.

Most believe that our thoughts and actions are the indicators of what we called self-awareness. However, most of the times our thoughts and emotions are in autopilot mode. Therefore, people might not really know if they are self-aware of our own thoughts and actions.

In this article, we will help you to identify self-awareness with the help of levels that will be divided into three sections. The first level of self-awareness can be explained below.

Level 1: Understanding your action.

This is perhaps the most important thing, to begin with when starting your journey in the process of understanding yourself. Some of the questions that you need to ask are as follows.

  • What made me mad the last time?
  • I am feeling lost or lonely?
  • Am I stressed about my work?
  • Is my future uncertain?

This level gives an idea about various questions you might have in your existence. However, it is important to figure it out by ourselves by using processing our thoughts and emotions. It is common in human beings to ignore deep lying issues and use coping mechanism to fill all the voids. We use technology, drugs and substances to overcome such issues. The key is to understand and find what distracts us and what does not.

Level 2: Are your dealing honestly.

Sometimes even if we know how we are feeling inside we might not always ready to deal with certain emotions. We can find ourselves in situations that the more we are withdrawing from certain emotions the likely it is to resurface. Therefore, you must not ignore such emotions and focus on bringing mind-clearing exercises such as Yoga, Tai-chi etc, life coaching.

Training the mind helps you to have control of your emotions and thoughts and lets you have better control of any unpleasant situations in your experiences. However, people might find this level very hard since people can convince themselves to be completely normal and alright.


 Simply putting to that, awareness of self definition is knowing your thoughts and actions and not letting to have control over your life. We will continue with the next level in our next article. Visit our blog to read the next article.


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